Garnet Adharsheela

Philosophy behind Garnet Adharsheela - Play School

GARNET ADHARSHEELA is a name synonymous with quality in preparatory school education and undoubtedly it is one of the best known preparatory schools in Ghaziabad today. The school provides a safe and loving atmosphere for your little ones. It is surely a home away from home where the little ones learns to take their preliminary steps in the grueling world of competition.

GARNET ADHARSHEELA believes in the total development of each child. We believe that academic development is as important as physical, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual development. It is only when all of these areas are developed that the child can go on to reaching his full potential. A variety of entertainment, educational shows and theme related outings.Finding this balance at an early age is crucial for a child’s success in formal education. Thus creating a strong foundation on which the blocks of knowledge can be built is the core objective at GARNET ADHARSHEELA.

The school seeks to develop each of these areas of development in the children by:

  • Carefully planned lessons and structured activities.
  • An exceptional variety of free play areas designed to foster specific development.
  • Highly qualified, enthusiastic staff who are kept abreast of the latest educational trends.
  • A variety of entertainment, educational shows and theme related outings.

At GARNET ADHARSHEELA, we encourage parents involvement as it helps in making the children’s interests our common goal. This is in order to achieve the best we possibly can for each child. With an emphasis on emotional intelligence, the emotional development of the children is a primary focus. As this affects all other areas of development, we encourage emotional well-being, in the manner we interact with each individual.

GARNET ADHARSHEELA brings together the best theory and practices from diverse educational alternatives for your child’s growth. We advocate a transformative approach to learning rather than seeing education as a process of transmission and transaction, we believe transformative learning brings a change in the frames of reference that a child may have.

Mid Day Meal Menu

Mixed Vegetable, Rice along with Sweet Dish

Dal With Chapati

Seasonal Vegetable with Chapati

Chole / Rajma and Rice with Sweet Dish

Assorted Menu based on Activity

Age Criterion

Admissions happen at Garnet Adharsheela all round the year, subject to availability of seats. Generally, children join us as soon as they turn 21 Months old. For better understanding of Age Criterion, please click on the link below:


Post Pre School

Garnet Adharsheela, has tie ups with a number of K - 12 Schools in and around Ghaziabad in order to facilitate admissions post completion of a child's tenure with us. Please contact the school reception for details of benefits available due to such affiliations.

Holiday & Activity Calendar 2017 - 18

April 03 - New Session Starts

April 03 - Colour Week Starts

April 05 - Ram Navmi

April 10 - Burger Party

April 13 - Baisakhi Celebration

April 14 - Ambedkar Jayanti

April 21 - Earth Day Celebrations

April 28 - Monthly Birthday Celebration

May 05 - Rain Dance Party

May 11 - National Technology Day Celebrations

May 19 - Visit to Butterfly Park

May 26 - Monthly Birthday Celebration

May 27 - PTM & Science Presentation

June 05 - Summer Vacation Begins

July 03 - School Reopens

July 05 - Art Competition

July 07 - Visit to Vegetable Market

July 14 - Magic Show

July 21 - GK Quiz

July 28 - Monthly Birthday Celebration

July 29 - PTM & Dental Checkup

August 7, 9, 10, 14, 16, 18 - Unit Test

August 14 - Independence Day Celebration

August 15 - Independence Day Holiday

August 16 - Raksha Bandhan Celebration

August 17 - Raksha Bandhan Holiday

August 21 - Janmashtmi Celebration

August 21 - Fancy Dress Competition

August 25 - Monthly Birthday Celebration

August 26 - PTM

September 1 - English Play (Beauty & Beast)

September 4 - Teachers Day Celebration

September 5 - Holiday - Teachers Day Out

September 6 - Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

September 6 - Dance Competition

September 16 - PTM & Grandparents Day Celebration

September 29 - Monthly Birthday Celebration

September 30 - Dusshera Holidays

October 2 - Gandhi Jayanti Holiday

October 3 - Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

October 3 - Show & Tell Competition

October 7 - Annual Day - Tarang

October 13 - World Food Day (Food Distribution)

October 13 - Diwali Celebration

October 16 - 22 - Diwali Holidays

October 23 - Bhaiya Dooj Celebration

October 27 - Monthly Birthday Celebration

November 3 - Trip to Gurdwara

November 4 - Guru Nanak Jayanti Holiday

November 13 - Children’s Day Celebration

November 14 - Children’s Day Holiday

November 18 - PTM

November 24 - Monthly Birthday Celebration

December 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11 - Unit Test

December 24 - Tarang 2017 Celebration

December 25 to 14 - Winter Vacations

January Till 14 - Winter Vacations

January 15 - School Reopens

January 19 - Debate Competition

January 25 - Republic Day Celebration

January 26 - Republic Day Holiday

February 2 - Sports Day Celebration

February 9 - Monthly Birthday Celebration

February 13 - Maha Shivaratri Holiday

February 28 - Holi Celebration

March 1, 2, 3 - Holi Holidays

March 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19 - Annual Exam

March 24 - Open House

Activity, Celebration & Events

Holidays & Vacations

Parent Teacher Interaction


Activities at Garnet Adharsheela

Festive Activities

Important Day Activities

We promote celebration of all important days be it of Religious Importance (Diwali, Eid, Holi, Guru Nanak Jayanti etc), National Relevance (Independence Day, Republic Day etc.), Historic Relevance (Ambedkar Jayanti etc) or Thematic Relevance (Earth Day etc) to inculcate knowledge & importance of these in our kids.

Literary Activities

Literary Activities

Command over Language, Public Speaking, Personality Development are very important. Host of Literary Activities like Story Telling, Show & Tell, Poem Recitation make a strong presence in our annual calendar.

Sporting Activities

Sporting Activities

Giving relevance to physical activities, we hold a number of activities to promote outdoor sports in our kids.

Family Interactions

Family Interactions

Parents, Grand Parents and Family at large are the biggest asset in our life. They are also the best guides. We promote regular Parent Teacher Meeting to facilitate 360 Degree Feedback. Also, a number of family interaction activities to involve them in formal learning process.

Creative Activities

Creative Activities

A child has immense creativity. We conduct a number of activities like Art n Craft Competition, Dance Competition to bring out this talent. Our most important activity is our Annual Function "TARANG" which is a showcase of the overall growth of the child.

Civic Visits

Outdoor Activities

We at Garnet Adharsheela conduct regular trips to Post Office, Police Station, Fire Station, Vegetable Market, Super Market for experiential learning. Picnics and Excursions to Butterfly park etc are also part of outdoor activities.