What is Handwriting Program or Calligraphy?

There is no such thing called good or bad handwriting. Every individual’s handwriting is unique and chances of two persons having identical handwriting are almost same as retina or thumb impression. We can bring about positive changes in professional, social and personal life by learning to write in right way.

You may have noticed that handwriting is linked with your moods. You tend to write well in good mood or if you writing a card for your loved ones – so it is an output of subconscious mind.

The contact, direction and pressure of the pen or pencil send the brain a message. The repetitive process of handwriting integrates motor pathways into the brain. When it becomes automatic or learned, there's almost a groove in the pathways. The more children write, the more pathways are laid down. But if they write them poorly, then they're getting a faulty pathway.

This is because Handwriting is not Hand-writing, but it is Brain which is writing!!!


Wednesday & Friday

5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Thursday & Saturday

5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Handwriting Program Impact (Before & After)


Areas Covered
English, Hindi, Numbers & Royal Fonts
Class Duration
1 Hour | Twice a Week
Total Program Duration
90 Hours

Why "Handwriting Program" at Garnet Adharsheela ?

As a parent you have a choice of many institutes, but our Focus on Basics make us stand apart.

Basic 1

The first step to Legible Handwriting is setting the right grip or right holding of pen/pencil, right sitting posture, right angle of keeping the notebook.

Basic 2

The Second Step is combating fatigue. We ensure variety of exercises that enhances strength in the hand and the fingers of every child to ensure the improvement in writing is sustainable.

Basic 3

Final Step is to bring symmetry in writing, where in we focus on correct letter formation, correct connection of letters, and lastly uniformity in letter.