What is LIT SMART?

LitSmart is an English Learning Program for Children which focuses on the 4 Basic Skills of Learning a language Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

It enables the child to be more comfortable, confident and fluent while interacting in English.

It is a program which is imperative for your child’s inclusive Growth.

Language Learning Cycle of a Child


Duration, Class, Types etc.

Course Duration : 10-11Months

Once a Week for 2 Hours

Junior : 5 to 8 Years

Intermediate : 9 to 12 Years

Senior : 12 and above

Basic Communication Skills


Characterstics of LitSmart

1. Phonic Learners


2. Vocabulary Builders

Vocabulary  Builders

3.Grammar Enhancers

Grammar  Enhancers

4.Good Listeners

    Listening is the most important language skill.
    Listening skills develop as and when we start growing up. We usually start with our mother tongue. Later we adapt the same with second language, English.
    Like other skills, Listening needs practice and finally we are able to understand and comprehend to the content.
Good Listeners

5.Readers And Comprehenders

    CREATES lifelong readers.
    TEACH children to find adventure, ideas and answers through books.
    ENHANCES curiosity and questioning capability.
    ALLOWS a child’s imagination and creativity to blossom.
    BUILDS a diverse vocabulary and improves fluency while reading.
Readers And Comprehenders

6.Orators And Writers

    Writing helps us to communicate with different people around the world.
    Writing skills help us to express our thoughts and feelings. It reflects our thoughts.
    We can record our memories and share them in future.
    Writing enhances the ability to communicate our ideas in a better way.
    A good speaker should be able to express clearly and converse fluently with others. It’s a mandatory skill for a language lover. Before reading or writing, first we listen and then start speaking any language.
Orators And Writers

7.Language Achievers

    Finally the students will be assessed on the basis of the iOEL results and the in-house activities, conducted at the end of each sub-module. Students will also get Performance Certificates at the end of course.

Language Achievers